New Talking Points sessions in Ruthin

Ruthin LibraryTalking points sessions, set up to help people’s health and well-being are now being extended to Ruthin.

In Denbighshire, Talking Points have been set up by staff in Community Support Services (incorporating social care for adults) to offer people a different way to find out what help might be available in their community to support their health and well-being.

Working with partner organisations we aim to respond faster and in a more personally tailored way to people, rather than a more traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach. Under this new model, if citizens are able to visit their GP they will be expected, in general, to attend a Talking Points rather than be visited at home.

At Talking Points the citizens of Denbighshire have an opportunity to meet with someone who is knowledgeable about social care issues. They will be able to find out what is going on in their area in a convenient, appropriate and welcoming venue and talk about the well-being outcomes they desire for themselves or others. The focus will be to find out what is important to them so that they can live the life they choose in a safe and secure environment.

Sessions are now being held at Ruthin Library on alternate Thursday – the next session will be held on Thursday, August 25th between 10am and 1.30pm.
If someone needs help with daily life please ask them to come along to a Talking Point or phone the Single Point of Access on 0300 456 1000 to make an appointment

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