Career Skills Training

Atomic training

Free Online Video Tutorials and Courses from your Library!

Whether you’re looking for a new career path, or you simply want to develop your career skills in general, the Career Skills Training tutorial pack from Atomic Training will equip you with all of the basic skills, ideas and direction for building, developing and growing your Career Skills.

The Career Skills Training tutorial pack covers a range of topics and areas, including:

  • How to create digital portfolios
  • Time management basics
  • Effective listening training
  • Appointment making tips and tricks

Another useful tutorial pack that goes hand in hand with Career Skills Training is PowerPoint, Excel and Word Training.

You’ll find that with Atomic Training, there are so many free video tutorials that link well together to equip you with new skills, quickly and efficiently – that are suitable to a range of working environments.

Make the most of Atomic Training at your local library and learn in quick video tutorials how to use programs, software and devices that will benefit your education, career and personal life in the long run. Simply ask your librarian for more information.
Start your FREE VIDEO TUTORIALS today from Atomic Training! Simply log onto the library website to find out more.

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